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Visit Hamilton Florida!

The Story Behind Florida’s Front Porch

Nestled in North Central Florida, with its northern border touching the Georgia line, Hamilton County warmly welcomes travelers to experience the charm of “Florida’s Front Porch” along their journey on Interstate 75 South. Here, you’ll discover a unique blend of culture, adventure, and the perfect recipe for relaxation.

Our county is graced by the majestic Suwannee River to the east and south, and the picturesque Withlachoochee River to the west. The enigmatic Alapaha River meanders through our lands from north to south, occasionally disappearing underground, leaving its dry riverbed to tell its tales throughout the year.

Hamilton County proudly boasts three incorporated towns: Jasper, White Springs, and Jennings. Jasper, our county seat, stands as the largest among them and is home to the nation’s second-oldest jail, available for fascinating tours by appointment. This historic gem, along with the First United Methodist Church, enjoys a place on the National Register of Historic Places. The Hamilton County Museum in Jasper holds a treasury of our county’s history, dating back to the time of the Micco Indians.

White Springs, our second-largest town, resides in the southernmost part of Hamilton County. It’s a place where pioneers and settlers once sought rejuvenation in the sulfur spring known as Upper Mineral Springs in the early 1800s. Notably, the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park captures the essence of our town. Stephen Foster’s renowned song, “Old Folks at Home,” made the Suwannee River famous worldwide. This park also hosts the oldest folk festival in the United States and showcases the world’s largest tubular bell instrument, the Carillon Tower. Exploring the White Springs Historic District offers an opportunity to appreciate historic homes, churches, and structures that whisper stories from the town’s captivating past. Furthermore, Stephen Foster Park stands at the heart of the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail.

Jennings, our smallest town, is located in the northernmost reaches of Hamilton County. This quaint town holds a rich history intertwined with cotton, timber, and turpentine, serving as the heart of the county’s thriving agriculture industry. Here, you’ll find the fascinating Dead River, also known as Jennings Bluff, a distributary of the Alapaha River. The Dead River’s unique flow takes a mysterious journey underground for nearly five miles before resurfacing at the Alapaha River Rise. During lower water levels, a section of the Alapaha River remains dry, providing a playground for locals who enjoy riding ATVs and exploring this natural wonder.

Come, experience the heart and heritage of Hamilton County – where nature, culture, and history intertwine to create an inviting and unforgettable destination.




The Riverside is Calling….

With nearly 3,772 acres of lakes, Hamilton County is an outdoors enthusiast’s paradise. Fishing, kayaking, and gator hunting are some of the enjoyable sports. Fish species include large mouth bass, catfish, sunfish, blue gill, bream, and Suwannee bass. Hunting and fishing for mobility impaired is also available. There are numerous crystal-clear springs to be enjoyed by boaters and campers. Tannic acid gives the water a black hue which creates reflections of the forests and blue skies.