Adams Country Store

Adams General Store was founded by Confederate Captain Robert Watkins Adams upon his return from service in the American Civil War. He had been wounded and captured at Gettysburg and was unable to return to farming due to his injuries. It took him about two years to make his way home on foot, and the store was opened circa 1866-1867.  Adams Brothers served the citizens from  cradle to  grave with merchandise, carrying both christening gowns and caskets. The store offered staple groceries, farm equipment, medications of the era, clothing, live chicks, building supplies, and house wares. It was also a popular gathering place, with its shaded porch. Adams Brothers bartered for goods, sold and bought for cash, and advanced goods and cash to planters, farmers and other townsmen who gave their land, mule, or crops as collateral. Now used as Suwannee Hardware & Feed Store, the space is filled with many of the same items as a customer would have seen in 1893, along with local art, crafts, and curiosities. The grounds, formerly used as a cotton warehouse have once again come alive as a place of commerce.

Suwannee Hardware & Feed, in Adams Store is a “must visit” in White Springs.

10572 Bridge St, White Springs, FL 32096 (386)397-2551