Our Communities

City of Jasper

Jasper is the county seat, incorporated in 1840. The town of Jasper is located in the heart of the county. The city is over 150 years old and the downtown area harkens back to a time when turpentine and railroads were the heart of the economy. This historical area of downtown showcases beautiful old homes along the former railroad route, which is now a city park. The Old Jail, along with the First United Methodist Church, are on the National Registry of Historical Places. The Hamilton County Museum is also located in Jasper. Here you can learn about the county’s history all the way from the times of the Micco Indians.



Town of White Springs

White Springs is home to the first hub of the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail, a canoe outfitter on the historic Suwannee River, an old country store that has been converted into a beautiful hardware store filled with antiques and other beautiful treasures, as well as the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park. The park’s centerpiece is the Carillon Tower, the world’s largest tubular bell instrument. If you look a little closer during your visit, you will also find the historic springhouse where much of the county’s history comes from being Florida’s first tourist destination believed to possess healing waters back in the 1800’s.


Town of Jennings

The town of Jennings is located in the northernmost part of the county. It features more farming and scenic areas, such as the beautiful rivers. It holds a few stores and some of the kindest residents.